Shop for Sale in Cantù


Reference 9033
Price 392.600 €
Typology Shop
Contract vendita
City Cantù
Sq.m. 710
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

Subject of this sale are three commercial premises under construction located in Cantù CO, in via Ginevrina da Fossano n.20. The context is central, quiet and with little traffic. The area is urbanized, characterized by residential buildings, especially condominiums, as well as commercial activities and for the production of services. The property consists of three real estate units, physically not yet divided among themselves or divided internally. The units are located on the ground floor of a multifunctional complex and have a side entrance and three entrances on the portico facing the street. The window frames are with double glass swing door. Inside the real estate units, the finishes and systems are to be completed. The property includes some parking spaces not yet identified in the land register, when the commercial spaces are completed, the parking lots in question will not be part of them since they have been sold to condominiums on a thousandth basis; therefore in commercial spaces it will not be possible to carry out any commercial activity until the resolution of this problem. Currently the property is in fair maintenance and conservation conditions. No certificate of viability has been issued. The good is free.Gross surface area:Sub 731: 307 sq.m.Sub 732: 100 m2Sub 733: 303 m2Total gross area: 710 m2Full ownership:Commercial premises (CF): Sheet 17 - Particle 4893 - Subordinate 731-732-733 - Cat. F / 3